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The Colorado Freedom Memorial has already had an incredible impact on people before we've even broken ground. Family members who thank us for making sure their loved ones won't be forgotten; comrades wanting to make sure we know about their fallen buddy; young family members looking to learn about a loved one they never met and people who just want to say thanks all come to the site. We thought you might like to read some of the things they have to say.

We'd also love to hear from you. If you have stories, photos or comments to share, or if you're looking for information about a fallen Colorado Veteran, please contact us at rc1430@comcast.net or use our Contact Page.


We received this from a gentleman in Holland.

Please, can you give me more information about Salzbrunn Kenneth L, died on the 5th of may 1945 in Holland. Friends take care of his graveyard. They are looking for relatives or friends of this person.
Thank you for giving me an answer.
Kindly regards, Doke

If you know Kenneth Salzbrunn, we'd love to hear from you.

This came by way of England.

My ultimate aim is to find a relative of Louis, really just to tell them he had not been forgotten even here in England, and I would very much like to see a photograph of the man who for all my life I have been aware of, but until the Internet was just Louis Marvin Jones of Denver, whose greatest wish should he die in service was to be buried in Denver, and who meant a lot to my mother.

My sincere thanks to you for your interest. If you wish I could either e-mail or post copies of the file etc. to you, for further information. I have a photo of his grave with a rose placed on it in the snow that a friend in Littleton took for me.

This weekend was our Remberence/Armistice for veterans and we were blessed with lovely Autumn/Fall weather so Cities, towns and villages were able to pay their respects in sunshine. I thought of Louis too.

With regards and all good wishes, and my thanks.

Another mystery we'd love to solve.

The following email came from a young couple in Denver to whom it was very important to honor Colorado's fallen veterans. With their co-workers they assembled Christmas Wreathes and donated the proceeds to the Colorado Freedom Memorial.

Matt and I wish to express our thanks for letting us do the wreaths for the Colorado Freedom Memorial. It has been a fun and quite interesting experience and we are geniunely grateful for this opportunity.

I need to let you know that those wreaths have been such a wonderful part on our lives over the last few months that it was hard to drop them off with you. Both Matt and I got to the parking lot of the Wellshire Inn after dropping them off and realized that we as just Coloradoans are so blessed. We stood there with the cold weather whipping our cheeks, a beautiful sunrise one way and snow capped peaks mountains in the other. All we could do is stop and tear up. We truly appreciate the sacrifice of all of the soldiers of America. Because of them, we can stop and enjoy this moment and smell the pine still on our clothes from the wreathes. We know that those soldiers will never smell the pine again nor see the snow-capped mountains nor a Colorado Sunrise, but they give their lives so all of us could. Matt and I both agree that no matter the season, the smell of pine for us with always be associated with these wreaths and memory of the soldiers. It has been quite a humble day realizing this. There are no words that would describe our hearts right now. In closing, once again thank you.
Jeny & Matt

Looking for information...

I would like to hear from anyone who has more information on George Alger, who was killed in '68 in Vietnam. I have a blue steel bracelet I bought at a Veteran's Day event at Buckley AFB with his name on it. There seems to be no new information on where he was born, did he have children, siblings, etc, etc.

It is just curiosity that compels me to know more about him. I would appreciate any info you may have. My husband was in Vietnam, he was lucky enough to come home, and I always thought those guys got a bad deal when they came home, so I always try to honor them when I can. Thank you.

Thanks for all you do, Rick!

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