Colorado Freedom Memorial Honorees

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NameHome TownBranchWar/ActionDied
Ables, Charles GeorgeNuclaNavyWorld War II1943
Ambrose, Howard HLAS ANIMASArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Amen, HarryDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Amick, Leroy ArthurDenverNavyWorld War II
Anderson, Perry ArthurDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II1944
Apgar, Robert ThorneLa JuntaNavyWorld War II1899
Arellano, Joe ECONEJOSArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Arment, Edward Lee, JrLouviersNaval ReserveWorld War II
Beckett, Arnold FrederickCraigNaval ReserveWorld War II
Benavidez, Manuel RWELDArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Bowen, Earl EllisDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Brady, Clifton LeeDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Brauher, Hugh EugeneGroverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Bray, Richard LEL PASOArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Brown, Jack REL PASOArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Bueno, Narciso BenitoTrinidadNavyWorld War II
Burns, RobertDenverNavyWorld War II
Canzoneri, Tony PPuebloMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Carlton, Lewis LaverneGreeleyNavyWorld War II
Caveny, George EEL PASOArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Chandler, Lloyd NyleDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II1945
Chapman, Eugene RichardDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Clark, David RobertKirkNaval ReserveWorld War II
Clark, Wilbur RussellFort CollinsNavyWorld War II1943
Cochran, James HendrixPuebloNaval ReserveWorld War II
Cordova, Joseph FALAMOSAArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Coster, Cyril JCHAFFEEArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Croxen, Russell LeroyFlaglerNavyWorld War II
Cruse, Charles JosephSteamboat SpringsNaval ReserveWorld War II
Cure, George ArthurFlaglerNaval ReserveWorld War II
Dague, Albert EugeneDenverNavyWorld War II
Davalos, AugustDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Davey, David SamuelDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
De Leo, Edward AnthonyDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
DeRose, Joseph LDenverArmyWorld War II1945
Dickerson, William WesleyOlatheNaval ReserveWorld War II
Dodd, Thomas FreemanDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Dove, Bassil RaymondPuebloNaval ReserveWorld War II
Downtain, ClarenceTellurideMarine CorpsWorld War II
Dudley, HermanGoodrichNavyWorld War II
Dunn, James KennethLovelandNaval ReserveWorld War II
Durant, Howard Elza, JrDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II1942
Eagan, Roger EugeneDenverNavyWorld War II1943
Eakes, Wallace EldredDenverNavyWorld War II1941
Eaton, Donald WilliamWolcottNaval ReserveWorld War II
Evans, Edwin GaleColorado SpringsNaval ReserveWorld War II
Fernandez, LouisDenverArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1945
Fitzmier, James ADenverNavyWorld War II
Foster, Robert MowattMontroseNaval ReserveWorld War II1945
French, Joy CarolPuebloNavyWorld War II1941
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