Colorado Freedom Memorial Honorees

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NameHome TownBranchWar/ActionDied
Abeyta, BonniePuebloMarine CorpsWorld War II1944
Ackley, Robert LWalshMarine CorpsWorld War II1944
Adams, George FEnglewoodMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Alberts, Charles FLongmontMarine CorpsWorld War II
Andersen, Lawrence JosephLittletonNaval ReserveWorld War II1945
Ary, Clarence KennethDel NorteMarine CorpsWorld War II1943
Aspromonte, DominicDurangoNaval ReserveWorld War II1943
Baldwin, George WilliamLa JuntaMarine CorpsWorld War II
Beard, Lonnie EdwardWheat RidgeMarine CorpsWorld War II1945
Beck, Waldemar HGreeleyMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Becker, John ADenverMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Benning, HarryDenverNavyWorld War II
Berridge, Ray OliverCalhanNaval ReserveWorld War II1943
Beuchat, Eugene PhilipCanon CityMarine CorpsWorld War II1942
Biaggerstaff, Hugh VernonBoulderNavyWorld War II
Biggs, Melvin GearDenverCoast Guard ReserveWorld War II1943
Bixley, Lloyd A, JrCortezMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Blaha, Charles JDenverMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Brannaman, Ray JLakewood (Denver)Marine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Broomfield, George MarshLa JuntaMarine CorpsWorld War II1945
Brossman, Richard EarlRural Longmont (Highlandlake)Marine CorpsWorld War II1945
Brown, Robert DPuebloMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Brown, Robert LColorado SpringsMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Burnett, Glenn IvenDel NorteMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Burns, John LeoLa JuntaNavyWorld War II1944
Carroll, Kenneth M, JrHaydenMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Carver, Dean LeeNuclaNaval ReserveWorld War II
Cavanaugh, Edward JamesLeadvilleNaval ReserveWorld War II
Cayton, Leon DDenverMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Chacon, GeorgeDel NorteMarine CorpsWorld War II
Childs, MiltonFort MorganMarine CorpsWorld War II
Christ, Arthur LBoulderMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Cieber, Lloyd ABoulderMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II1944
Clark, Vernon FloydDenverNavyWorld War II
Coats, Glen JMontroseMarine CorpsWorld War II
Cobb, Palmer WarrenBayfieldMarine CorpsWorld War II
Comin, Howard DeanWindsorMarine CorpsWorld War II1941
Compton, William L, JrDenverMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Connarty, Donald LDenverMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Couture, William RDenverMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Custer, George HamiltonColorado SpringsNaval ReserveWorld War II
Darby, George TerryMonte VistaMarine CorpsWorld War II1942
Davies, James EdwardDenverMarine CorpsWorld War II
Day, Richard RobertsDeltaNaval ReserveWorld War II
Denning, Marcellus AndrewHartmanNavyWorld War II1944
Dennis, Walter HDenverMarine CorpsWorld War II
Dhieux, AlfredLouisvilleMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Dighera, Joseph NRockvaleMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II1944
Donovan, Robert TLeadvilleMarine CorpsWorld War II
Douthit, Milford M, JrDenverMarine CorpsWorld War II
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