Colorado Freedom Memorial Honorees

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NameHome TownBranchWar/ActionDied
Adams, James EdwardYumaNaval ReserveWorld War II1945
Ady, John WDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Alexander, Thornton RossDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Allen, Carl Alton, JrSAN JUANArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1943
Allison, Richard CDenverNavyWorld War II
Ambrose, Edward FrankDenverNavyWorld War II1942
Ames, Kenneth HowardWalshNaval ReserveWorld War II
Andersen, Clarence NormanLittletonMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II1945
Anderson, Glen WilliardLa SalleNavyWorld War II
Anderson, Hubert WArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Anderson, Marvin DwayneGreeleyNaval ReserveWorld War II
Andress, Norman IreeFall CreekNavyWorld War II
Armstrong, Marvin MackDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Arthur, Clifford FFlaglerMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II1944
Bacon, Roy S, JrWheat RidgeNavyWorld War II1945
Bader, Ross JARAPAHOEArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Baldwin, William MDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Barrett, Berton ADENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Bartlett, Jess ADeertrailMarine CorpsWorld War II
Baur, Joseph Paul, JrDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Bear, James DDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Beaudoux, Robert BRocky FordMarine CorpsWorld War II
Beirle, Harry ClarenceHudsonNavyWorld War II
Bell, Donald DDELTAArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Belo, John FrankMillikenNaval ReserveWorld War II1943
Bennett, James WesleyEatonNaval ReserveWorld War II
Beresford, Floyd BennettLongmontNaval ReserveWorld War II
Berry, Gordon EugeneBayfieldNavyWorld War II1941
Bissell, John RArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1945
Bjork, Charles MerrillDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Black, Marion ArthurLaPorteMarine CorpsWorld War II
Blair, Gerald RalphMontroseNaval ReserveWorld War II
Blanot, Harry ThomasBoulderNaval ReserveWorld War II
Blomberg, Theodore EarlIndian HillsNaval ReserveWorld War II
Bomberg, William EdwardSterlingNavyWorld War II
Boyd, Alexander JamesPuebloNaval ReserveWorld War II
Bradtke, Harold AlfredDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Bress, Dwight DelbertLittletonNaval ReserveWorld War II
Brizman, Morris JDenverMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Broleen, John DavidDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Brown, Orlo NormanBoulderMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Brust, James LloydLongmontNavyWorld War II
Bucher, Carroll WilsonEnglewoodMarine CorpsWorld War II
Burr, Harry Russell, JrDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Bussert, Hubert MarvinGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1943
Bussey, Lawrence CDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Butcher, William SMESAArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Butler, John MSugar CityMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Butler, William HarryDoloresArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1945
Cain, Thomas D, JrDenverMarine CorpsWorld War II
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