Colorado Freedom Memorial Honorees

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NameHome TownBranchWar/ActionDied
Adamson, George AlbertColorado SpringsArmyWorld War I1918
Aldrich, Archie ADenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Allen, PhoebePuebloArmyWorld War I1918
Anderson, David SigfridBaldwinArmyWorld War I1918
ARMES, ROYArmyWorld War I
Barrett, Hugh EdwardsDenverArmyWorld War I1918
Bartholomew, Rufus EmeryOtisArmyWorld War I1918
Bell, William HPuebloArmySpanish-American War1899
Bement, Donald MSalidaWorld War I1918
Bennett, Royal AlexanderFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Besso, Mario JohnDurangoArmyWorld War I1918
Bird, John HYampaArmyWorld War I1918
Blades, Clyde BPenroseArmyWorld War I1918
Blair, Amos PSoprisArmyWorld War I1918
Blakeslee, Frank JEvergreenArmyWorld War I1918
Bliss, Charles NBoulderArmyWorld War I1918
Bloomquist, Oscar TBoulderArmyWorld War I1919
Bolschoun, HermanDenverArmyWorld War I1918
Bougher, George AIndependenceArmyWorld War I1918
Boughton, LeRoy HDenverArmyWorld War I1918
Bowen, FrankSimpsonArmyWorld War I1918
Bowen, Joseph HWorld War I1918
Bowser, Clifford HDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Bradburn, DonaldWestminsterArmyWorld War I1918
Braden, John CWorld War I
Braden, Wayne ScottOrchard, Morgan CountyArmyWorld War I1918
Braun, John CArmyWorld War I1918
Bray, Joseph Henry, JrLeadvilleArmyWorld War I1918
Brewer, John LeeMontroseArmyWorld War I1918
Brier, Cyril BarnardGoldenArmyWorld War I1918
Broughton, Merl LGlenwood SpringsArmyWorld War I1919
Brown, JohnArmyWorld War I1918
Bruce, Clarence HMeekerArmyWorld War I1918
Brunson, Glenn ALeadvilleWorld War I
Bryant, Glenwin ElliottDrakeMarine CorpsWorld War I1918
Bryant, Richard MDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Buchite, Vernon LeroyCrawfordArmyWorld War I1918
Buckley, John HaroldLongmontArmyWorld War I1918
Burk, Barney JJohnstownWorld War I1918
Bush, William HDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Cain, John JFairviewNaval ReserveWorld War I1918
Cain, Joseph AloysiusLeadvilleArmyWorld War I1918
Calabrise, PaulDenverArmyWorld War I
Caldwell, Burt WArmyWorld War I1918
Caldwell, Evert MonroeCrawfordArmyWorld War I1918
Campbell, Walter LouisDenverArmyWorld War I1918
Canary, James HarryArmyWorld War I1918
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