Colorado Freedom Memorial Honorees

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NameHome TownBranchWar/ActionDied
Andrews, Paul DHuerfano CountyArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1945
Angeles, Soterios LouisHuerfano CountyArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Archuleta, Lee LivinioHuerfano CountyArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1942
Archuleta, LucindoHuerfano CountyArmyWorld War II1944
Babbitt, James WHuerfano CountyArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1945
Bain, AlbertHuerfano CountyArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1943
Barros, FelixHuerfano CountyArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Bechaver, GeorgeHuerfano CountyArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Castello, JoeHuerfano CountyArmyWorld War II1945
Chavka, Pete WalterHuerfano CountyMarine CorpsWorld War II1944
Choin, Robert EHuerfano CountyNavyWorld War II1944
Cortez, Monico JHuerfano CountyArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Dickinson, Robert FlynnHuerfano CountyNavyWorld War II1945
Martinez, John IHuerfano CountyArmyWorld War II1945
Montoya, Enoch PachecoHuerfano CountyArmyKorean War1950
Sandoval, AlbertoHuerfano CountyArmyKorean War1950
Vigil, Jesus MHuerfano CountyArmyWorld War II1944
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