Colorado Freedom Memorial Honorees

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NameHome TownBranchWar/ActionDied
Beaty, Max OGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Bengson, ArthurGoldenArmyWorld War I1918
Blankenship, Irwin DGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1943
Blankenship, Robert HGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Brier, Cyril BarnardGoldenArmyWorld War I1918
Bussert, Hubert MarvinGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1943
Coyle, Cyrus OthoGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Davis, Allen ArthurGoldenNavyWorld War II1941
Edwards, Rex LGoldenArmyWorld War I1918
Eggleston, Robert CharlesGoldenNavyWorld War II1943
Evans, Melvin WallaceGoldenArmyWorld War II1945
Goodrich, Donald EugeneGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1945
Harris, Lorenzo ShermanGoldenNaval ReserveWorld War II1944
Helps, David Henry, JrGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Jaycox, Charles AlbertGoldenArmyWorld War II1945
Jerred, Donald DarrelGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Jewett, John TGoldenArmyWorld War II1942
Keeler, Ralph EGoldenArmyWorld War II1945
Lovely, Lyman FrederickGoldenNavyWorld War I1917
Maxson, Harold ForbesGoldenArmyWorld War I1918
Miller, James StoughGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1942
Neely, Charles VereGoldenArmyWorld War I1918
ODELL, MICHAEL CHARLESGoldenNavyVietnam War1967
Ostlee, Marcus LyndonGoldenNaval ReserveWorld War II1944
Ostrander, Eveart LeonGoldenNaval ReserveWorld War II1942
PEERY, NORMAN DOUGLASGoldenArmyVietnam War1970
PHILLIPS, JERRY LENGoldenArmyVietnam War1968
Risner, Henry CecilGoldenArmyIraqi Freedom2004
SCHERF, MICHAEL GREGORYGoldenArmyVietnam War1969
Spieles, Billy WGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Steele, Melvin CGoldenArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1945
STOLPA, RAYMOND VINCENTGoldenArmyVietnam War1968
WARREN, MICHAEL WALTERGoldenMarine CorpsVietnam War1968
Wichmann, Grant ArthurGoldenArmyAfghanistan/Enduring Freedom2010
Williams, DavidGoldenArmyWorld War I1918
Wood, Benjamin PresnallGoldenArmyWorld War II1943
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