Colorado Freedom Memorial Honorees

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NameHome TownBranchWar/ActionDied
Allen, Frank LansingFort CollinsNavyWorld War I1918
Beach, George AlbertFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Bennett, Royal AlexanderFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Christensen, George CFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Clark, Wilbur RussellFort CollinsNavyWorld War II1943
Conrey, Charles LesterFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Dexter, Gilbert LelandFort CollinsArmyKorean War1952
Donovan, Albert SFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Donovan, George WFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Gault, Harry BFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Greenwald, JohnFort CollinsNaval ReserveWorld War II
Hall, Oliver WendellFort CollinsWorld War I
Harvey, Clarence HFort CollinsNavyWorld War I1918
Herman, George, JrFort CollinsWorld War I1918
High, WilliamFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Irwin, Robert WarrenFort CollinsNavyWorld War II
Kniemeyer, Frank HFort CollinsWorld War I
Koeper, Herbert ConradFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Lendt, Dennis ArnoldFort CollinsNavyWorld War II
Martin, Jesse ElwoodFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1919
Michie, John AlexanderFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Nielson, Eugene CarlFort CollinsNaval ReserveWorld War II
Niemeyer, Frank HenryFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1919
Pierce, Lester RFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Rooker, NoelFort CollinsWorld War I1918
Sankey, Roy HiramFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Smith, George HoyleFort CollinsNavyWorld War II
Springstead, Frederick EFort CollinsArmySpanish-American War1898
Steadman, James EugeneFort CollinsAir ForceVietnam War1971
Stewart, Paul LFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Turner, Glenn EldonFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Vasey, Harvey ElmerFort CollinsWorld War I1918
Walsh, Nicholas RFort CollinsMarine CorpsAfghanistan/Enduring Freedom2007
Wharton, Leland BFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1917
White, Kenneth RyanFort CollinsArmyAfghanistan/Enduring Freedom2011
Winter, Henry ClarenceFort CollinsArmyWorld War I1918
Woodard, Earle LFort CollinsArmyKorean War1951
Yost, Elmer ClydeFort CollinsWorld War I1919
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