Colorado Freedom Memorial Honorees

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NameHome TownBranchWar/ActionDied
Abernathy, Rex VDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1945
Abrahamson, ArthurDenverNavyWorld War II1945
Acosta, GustaveDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1945
Adams, James WilliamDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Ady, John WDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Affley, Frank WDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Agee, George TaylorDenverArmyWorld War I1918
Akers, William CDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Albertson, Ernest HDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Albi, VincenzoDenverArmyWorld War I1918
Aldrich, Archie ADenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Alexander, Thornton RossDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Alkire, Robert EDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Allen, Leslie LeeDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Allison, Richard CDenverNavyWorld War II
Alstatt, Carl MDenverArmyWorld War I1918
Alvey, Henry FowlerDenverArmyWorld War I1919
Ambrose, Edward FrankDenverNavyWorld War II1942
Amen, HarryDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Amick, Leroy ArthurDenverNavyWorld War II
Anderson, Charles EDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Anderson, Earnest PDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Anderson, Kenneth BDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Anderson, Perry ArthurDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II1944
Anderson, Roy EDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1944
Anderson, Walter FrederickDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1945
ANDERSON, WILLIAM, JRDENVERMarine CorpsVietnam War1968
Anderson, William ADENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Angell, Dwight ClarkDenverNavyKorean War1953
Angelopulos, BillDenverArmyWorld War II1945
Anglovic, John MartinDenverNavyWorld War I1918
Appelcrew, William WDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Applegate, S W, JrDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Aragon, Emelio RDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Araujo, Henry HDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Archambault, W SDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Argetis, JamesDenverAir ForceKorean War1952
Armstrong, Marvin MackDenverNaval ReserveWorld War II
Arndt, Frank TDenverArmyWorld War I1918
Arnold, Rupert WDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Atencio, Benjamin EDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Augenstein, Cecil CliffordDenverArmyWorld War II1945
Aumiller, LaVate LyleDenverMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II1945
Austin, ClydeDenverWorld War I
Awenius, James GDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II
Axton, Andrew KDenverWorld War I
Aylor, Meredith MorganDENVERArmy Air CorpsWorld War II1943
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