Colorado Freedom Memorial Honorees

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NameHome TownBranchWar/ActionDied
Abernathy, Lowell AlbertDurangoNaval ReserveWorld War II1944
Aspromonte, DominicDurangoNaval ReserveWorld War II1943
Baker, Walter ZemeriDurangoMarine CorpsWorld War I1918
Besso, Mario JohnDurangoArmyWorld War I1918
Cornelius, Hugh LDurangoMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Duncan, Donald MarionDurangoMarine CorpsKorean War1951
Evans, Roy CDurangoWorld War I1918
Logan, David BDurangoArmyWorld War I1918
Mayn, Martin EDurangoArmyWorld War I1918
Olbert, Richard NDurangoMarine Corps ReserveWorld War II
Patterson, Marion CDurangoArmyWorld War I1918
Peterson, Leonard LDurangoArmyWorld War I1918
Sheets, WileyDurangoArmyWorld War I1918
Spearman, Howard JosephDurangoNaval ReserveWorld War II
Sponsel, JosephDurangoWorld War I
Trujillo, Jose EDurangoArmyWorld War I1918
Trujillo, JosephDurangoWorld War I
Willis, Herbert EDurangoArmyWorld War I1918
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