Colorado Freedom Memorial Honorees

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NameHome TownBranchWar/ActionDied
Aldrich, Archie ADenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Bell, William HPuebloArmySpanish-American War1899
Bowser, Clifford HDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Bryant, Richard MDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Bush, William HDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Carlson, CharlesLeadvilleArmySpanish-American War1899
Daniel, Elmer ELeadvilleArmySpanish-American War1898
Dawson, Benoni WSedgwick CountyArmySpanish-American War1898
Donohue, William JLeadvilleArmySpanish-American War1899
Doran, Elmer SDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Downing, WalterArmySpanish-American War1898
Doxsee, Harry LPuebloArmySpanish-American War1899
Duvall, Frank AEvansArmySpanish-American War1899
Falkenburg, Harry CDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Haviland, AlbertLeadvilleArmySpanish-American War1899
Hegwer, Bert CharlesDenverArmySpanish-American War1898
Hegwer, Oscar WilliamDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Jefferson, William SCripple CreekArmySpanish-American War1898
Johnson, Ralph SeymourArmySpanish-American War1898
Lafferty, Herbert AdamsDenverArmySpanish-American War1898
Lillie, CharlesDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Lindsey, Frank BLeadvilleArmySpanish-American War1899
Loosa, August HPuebloArmySpanish-American War1898
McDowell, Harry AColorado SpringsArmySpanish-American War1898
McMurry, William SpencerPuebloArmySpanish-American War1898
Moss, Peter EArmySpanish-American War1898
Nellis, George GArmySpanish-American War1898
Neptune, Frank DBoulderArmySpanish-American War1899
OBrien, William JArmySpanish-American War1898
OBrien, William JamesArmySpanish-American War1898
Phenix, CharlesDenverArmySpanish-American War1898
Phillippi, Leonard ECripple CreekArmySpanish-American War1899
Pynchon, Edwin RDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Ramsay, ArthurLeadvilleArmySpanish-American War1899
Reisig, Harry J EntwisleColorado SpringsArmySpanish-American War1899
Sarazin, Norbert JArmySpanish-American War1898
Saunders, David IsaacJefferson CountyArmySpanish-American War1898
Scroggs, John AmosPuebloArmySpanish-American War1898
Smith, Bernard JDenverArmySpanish-American War1899
Springstead, Frederick EFort CollinsArmySpanish-American War1898
Stewart, John SPuebloArmySpanish-American War1899
Sullivan, Niel Carmichael, JrLongmontArmySpanish-American War1898
Sullivan, Thomas RandolphDenverArmySpanish-American War1898
Tinnerholm, IrvinBoulderArmySpanish-American War1899
Warrington, George WCripple CreekArmySpanish-American War1899
White, CassGreeleyArmySpanish-American War1899
Whiteside, Thomas FColorado SpringsArmySpanish-American War1899
Wise, Walter HDenverArmySpanish-American War1898
Woodhall, Thomas ADenverArmySpanish-American War1898
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