Colorado Freedom Memorial Honorees

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NameHome TownBranchWar/ActionDied
Ables, Charles GeorgeNuclaNavyWorld War II1943
Abrahamson, ArthurDenverNavyWorld War II1945
Allen, Frank LansingFort CollinsNavyWorld War I1918
Allen, George RussellLongmontNavyWorld War II
Allen, Larry DeanYumaNavyVietnam War1967
Allison, Richard CDenverNavyWorld War II
Ambrose, Edward FrankDenverNavyWorld War II1942
Amick, Leroy ArthurDenverNavyWorld War II
Amicone, Albert AngeloSalidaNavyWorld War II1943
Anderson, Christopher AlanLongmontNavyIraqi Freedom2006
Anderson, Glen WilliardLa SalleNavyWorld War II
Anderson, John C, JrColorado SpringsNavyWorld War II
Andress, Norman IreeFall CreekNavyWorld War II
Angell, Dwight ClarkDenverNavyKorean War1953
Anglovic, John MartinDenverNavyWorld War I1918
Apgar, Robert ThorneLa JuntaNavyWorld War II1899
Armitage, Adelbert ElmerMontroseNavyWorld War I1918
Arnold, Don TNavyWorld War II1945
Bacon, Roy S, JrWheat RidgeNavyWorld War II1945
Baggett, Reuben SamuelDelta CountyNavyKorean War1951
Baker, William HenryDenverNavyWorld War I1918
Barrett, Ann VictoriaDenverNavyKorean War1950
Barrett, Kenneth EugeneSilvertonNavyWorld War II
Barron, Lawrence PercyDenverNavyWorld War I1918
Bauer, Joseph Paul, JrNavyWorld War II1943
Beale, Donald HPuebloNavyWorld War II
Beirle, Harry ClarenceHudsonNavyWorld War II
Belliveau, Michael LouisLakewoodNavyIraqi Desert Storm1990
Benning, HarryDenverNavyWorld War II
Bergsten, Frederick AugustLas AnimasNavyWorld War I1918
Berry, Gordon EugeneBayfieldNavyWorld War II1941
Bess, Reynolds FrancisDenverNavyWorld War II1945
Beye, Oral AndrewGrand JunctionNavyWorld War I1918
Beyer, Oscar WendellEnglewoodNavyWorld War I1918
Biaggerstaff, Hugh VernonBoulderNavyWorld War II
Biggerstaff, Hugh VNavyWorld War II1945
Blair, Clarence FNavyWorld War II1944
Bohlender, SamLa SalleNavyWorld War II1941
Bolen, NormanNavyWorld War II1942
Bomberg, William EdwardSterlingNavyWorld War II
Bond, Raymond ThomasGrand JunctionNavyWorld War II1944
Book, Clarence EugeneDenverNavyWorld War I1918
Boyce, Wesley PhilipDenverNavyWorld War I1918
Brannam, Allan RoseNavyWorld War II1944
Brett, George HenryNavyWorld War II1944
Brock, Louis ArchieMontroseNavyWorld War II
Brunner, William FrankDenverNavyWorld War II1941
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